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Mobile video and photo upgrade with moment lenses

Most social media users and content creators use a mobile phone as the camera and now you can upgrade it without purchasing a brand new camera or a brand new phone. Here’s how.


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The quick answer: Use a Moment cinema quality lens. Take a peek here.

When is the best time to create content for social media? Usually right when it’s happening. So most creators, business owners or folks looking to up their social media game, don’t wait around until they’re home with a better camera or even a studio set up to make their content. They just use their mobile phone.

But that means you’re relying on the specs of your phone’s camera to make your content look good. While most mobile phones nowadays are quite good, you can upgrade the look substantially to a cinema level quality without buying a new phone or making the jump to an expensive DSLR or mirrorless camera you can take on the go. You just need a Moment Lens, and boy are there some amazing selections.

Moment Lens held in hand
Moment Lens on Mobile Phone
Moment Lens on phone side view

Cinema Quality Equipment On the Go:

  • Moment lenses are compact, attach in seconds to your phone and are built to incredibly high standards. That means you get a piece of gear that will survive being out in the wild  but will also give you the benefit of cinema quality glass built to professional filmmaker and photographers specs. 
  • These lenses work with any phone because you can buy a case for your latest device that locks the lens right to your mobile camera in just one click and you’re ready to shoot better videos and incredible photos. You can also purchase an attachment that lets you use the lens of your choice on your front facing camera.

Until recently we just had apps that would adjust the look of your photo or video, but no app can improve the quality of the images going into the camera! With Moment lenses you dramatically increase the quality of light, clarity of images and overall look of the content you’re shooting which means anything you create will look better right from the start.

Professional Cinema Quality at an Affordable Price

  • Moment lenses are way more affordable than purchasing a DSLR or mirrorless camera ($1000 and up!) plus the lenses ($300 and up!). Spending under $150 for a lens, phone case and protective carrying bag for your lens makes way more sense and is far easier on the budget.
  • You could carry multiple lenses and change them fast for dynamically different looks and not be buying, renting or carrying many very, very expensive lenses around with you!
Moment 3 lens kit

You can also use these lenses on your computer camera. That’s right, cinema quality Zoom footage!

  • Moment has seen the power of Zoom and has given you an option to connect your lens to your computer camera with a simple attachment. Now even your Zoom calls, coaching calls or anything you record using your computer can look 10X better!
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Moment is a newish company that primarily focuses on filmmakers and photographers which is why they build such high quality lenses and an easy way to bring them everywhere. Much More Media is an advocate for getting this equipment in the hands of business owners so they too can actually benefit from this convenient, professional and portable tech! 

So if you’re looking to upgrade your mobile (or computer) set up, but don’t feel like dropping thousands of dollars, there is a solution – Moment. 

Happy creating!