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5 Ways Descript Helps You Make Way More Content

The most common question businesses, entrepreneurs or new business owners have when it comes to content online is this…How do I create more content without sucking up more time? 


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With so many channels these days to reach and engage an audience it’s easy to recognize the massive opportunity to get high visibility and brand awareness at extremely low costs…but what is the time commitment to stay active on all those channels. Again, how do you make enough content?

I would LOVE to introduce you to a tool that has helped us at Much More Media continue to turn a single video into a month of content and has become indispensable at this point in our business. 

Descript is a robust transcription platform that transcribes audio or video content, allows you to edit the text, builds subtitles, identifies multiple speakers, edit long form video into segments, create audiograms and a lot more. You pay a monthly fee ($30 at the time of this publication) but my goodness is it worth it! Here’s five ways Descript can increase the content you put out in a fraction of the time. 

  1. Transcribe videos or podcast episodes. 

Yes, you made a video or maybe recorded a podcast episode for your business. Well done! This alone is an exceptionally powerful piece of content for you, but transcribing it would allow you to do so much more. A transcription of your content is great for accessibility, SEO for sure, and allows those who find it the ability to read the main highlights or points if they can’t listen or watch in that moment. 

But…transcribing can be a HUGE pain. It can take forever or be rather costly if you’re paying a service to get it done. This is where Descript saves your bacon! 

Descript will automatically transcribe the video or audio content you upload using some pretty powerful AI. You’ll then have the option to highlight different speakers if you have more than one and you’ll be able to make text or grammar corrections as you see fit in the transcribed text. This automated transcription is a massive time saver and gets you using that text so much faster than most other options out there. 


2. Create a blog post from your transcription.

Once you’ve quickly created your transcription using Descript’s built in AI, you can take that text and build a blog post out of it. Now this is much faster and easier if you have done a little planning ahead of time to know that the video or podcast you made would be turned into a blog post later. If you know that, then you’ll probably lay things out with an introduction to what you’ll talk about, cover the main points, maybe highlight some key factors and wrap it up with some sort of send off or call to action.

If you’ve planned your original content to that degree you’re absolutely winning the game, but even if the podcast or video you uploaded isn’t that succinct, you can still pull major sections of text, points and details, and great quotes that you can use when building your blog post without having to create any of that from scratch.

3. Put that blog post into a LinkedIn article or on Medium.

You know what you do with a blog post once you’ve created it? Put it anywhere else it can go. Blogs on your website are great for SEO and driving traffic back to your home base of operations, but other platforms like LinkedIn, Medium or other blog platforms are perfect places to share this very same text you created (so quickly and easily thanks to Descript) so that you can capture the attention of that audience without asking them to go anywhere else. Plus having content on multiple platforms gives you that many more options for showing up in a Google search of the keywords, topics or questions you discuss in the post. 

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4. Share key points from your text to your email list.

You’ve got an email list full of folks who have already “opted in” to your ideas and your business. Share this new blog content with them, but don’t just drop the whole thing in an email or sheepishly share a “read it here” link.

Give them a paragraph or two, or even pull a powerful point from the blog post and share that along with a link to check out the full post. This lets that email stand on its own as a useful and practical piece of content the reader can take with them with the additional benefit of leading them to more robust content when they have the time or intent to engage with it. 

5. Pull quotes for days from the text and share them on social media.

We know by now that social media engages people in seconds rather than minutes and a useful, truthful or powerful quote can be one of the most engaging pieces of social media content out there. 

Well, look at you with a fully transcribed video or podcast, full of helpful or insightful nuggets that you can easily copy and paste into Canva or some other platform to create multiple social media posts with quotes pulled right from your own original content. 

You’ll be sharing your own authentic thoughts, tips or pieces of advice to your social media audience across a number of posts without wasting time looking up overused “inspirational” quotes or following some trend that makes no sense to your industry or people. Descript has done the legwork for you and all you have to do is copy and paste.

No one says you have to be turning out 20 pieces of content a day on every platform you have, but all of us at this point understand that we have access to immense visibility throughout the internet. We also have the ability to hyperfocus our messaging to specific users. Incredible! If a tool like Descript can allow any business to quickly and efficiently create multiple ways to do that, then it’s worth it.

If you’re looking to improve your content output or want to see what Descript can do for your business then click here to get started for free.