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With more podcasts than ever before, any business owner that wants to get their message in front of a like-minded audience has a variety of outlets to choose from. Imagine gaining so many of the benefits of radio without paying the costs. Like radio podcasts can follow a listener just about anywhere and a show can cultivate a devoted and passionate listener base. This is all fantastic news when it comes to growing visibility and attention for your business and your next big thing.

Having run two podcasts ourselves, The Actor CEO Podcast reaching 15K and The Notable Woman reaching 23K, we have pitched and been pitched hundreds of times. Some certainly work better than others.

Here is a simple process to follow that will get your pitches opened and seen.

You can watch this lesson here.

Subject Lines

Since the subject line is the first thing your recipient sees you want to grab their attention, but you also want to MAKE IT ABOUT THEM. How are you providing them and their audience something that helps?

A Podcast Guest for You is not a great subject line. This is guaranteed to go into the “deal with later” folder and probably not get a response anytime soon.

Podcast Pitch Subject Lines

Here are some concepts you can use when writing your next subject line.

  • Topic: Let’s share How Actors Are Booking Auditions in a Pandemic with your listeners
    • You want to highlight the topic you’re focused on if you think it will get your reader’s attention and really works for their audience. 
  • Credibility: Guitar World Teacher of the Year can share these 3 tips with your audience.
    • You want to highlight credibility markers or accolades you think will get your reader’s attention and make sense for their audience.
  • Metric: I’m inspiring 23K women worldwide with these key points. Can we share them?
    • You want to highlight impressive data points you think will get your reader’s attention and make sense for their audience.
  • Relevance: MJ legalization in NY means biz owners need these 3 tips for marketing.
    • You want to highlight something topical that you have a connection to in order to get your reader’s attention and make sense for their audience.
  • Need: My Black Friday Ads on Autopilot free course opens soon and your audience will love it.
    • You want to highlight something that absolutely aligns with your reader’s show and will make sense for their audience, but is something that needs action now.

The First Sentence

Your email has been opened. Hooray! Now you need them to read it. That’s where your first sentence wins the day. 

 If you can pack an “elevator pitch” into that first sentence while still making it about them, then you’ll have a much better chance of holding their attention long enough to get them to the details of what you’re offering as a guest.

The Body

 The body is where you can provide a little more about you, the details you want to share and the closing to your pitch. 

 We don’t need your life story here. Please no full bios. They just take too much time to read. Attach that in a one sheet or provide a link “to read my full story” in the email. 

Podcast Pitch Email Body

What we need are the details of what you have to share with the host and the audience. Your story can be helpful if it relates to the talking points you’ll share that will provide value to the audience. 

 “My journey from living in my car to running a six figure business taught me this important lesson about making (and keeping) money.” 

 “My clients use these simple tricks to book more gigs which I developed as I started booking major TV network gigs.”

 Just a little splash of bio without making me feel like I got sucked into an exposè. 

 Feel free to bullet point your talking points or list the questions you can discuss. You want to make it as clear and easy to see exactly how this interview would go. Do the work for them. 

 Finally wrap it up quickly. You can end a question to encourage a response. 

 “Is there a link I should use to schedule?” “Do you have time in the next month?” 

 And you’re out.

Pitching in Email vs. DMs

Direct Messages (DMs) on social media can be a very good way to get someone’s attention and engage them with a pitch. But you MUST abide by different rules because this space requires more respect of their time and should never seem obnoxious. 

You’re far more limited in space in DMs so brevity is the name of the game.

Podcast Pitch Email vs DM

Without subject lines your first sentence is what will be seen in their que or as a pushed notification, so opening with praise seems to be a good start. Things like “ I loved you last episode/post about X”  or “ I’ve been a fan of your show/podcast/channel since 2019 because X: is a good start. 

Then get to the point. Immediately list who you are, what you do and how it helps them. “I think  my work as a X can really help your audience just like I’ve helped 1,000 others achieve these goals without losing their minds.”

Because the text gets compressed you want to make sure you work on the wording of any DM pitches so they are as condensed, positive and impactful as possible. 

You can end with a question to open up further conversation like, “Is there an email I can use to send you the details/more info/some talking points?”

Don’t Forget This

Follow up. Use a schedule, create a spreadsheet (download this template for free) and use an email tracking tool like Boomerang for Gmail to know when your email was opened. 

 Follow up is key because even the most interested podcast host can get distracted during a busy day and lose track of your last email. Touching base until they say they are not interested (or after say 3-5 tries) is what will give you the best chance to land that interview.

Podcast Pitch Follow Up

We’ve absolutely booked guests who “bumped” their email from months ago to the top of our inbox and we have booked slots on shows by reaching back out “in the Spring” like the host requested. 

If you make pitching podcasts part of your regular marketing and PR efforts, you’ll be building a list of shows you’ve been on in no time and have a vast network of platforms with built in audiences at your finger tips.

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