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I wanted to share some of the interesting insights, impressive data, and terrific results content marketing brings to business looking to expand the reach of their brand and extend the conversation with their audience.

In this brief post you’ll see data from (a worldwide software/data company) and Neil Patel (one of the most respected names in digital marketing and online content)  as well as some examples of clients we’ve worked with in the past who have used their content to achieve terrific results on social media and create a vast library of videos to share with their audience. 

What is Content Marketing?

To start with, content marketing is a buzzword that may require a little perspective. Unlike digital advertising which can be focused on driving sales within a specific time frame, creating core content for your business allows you to develop videos, blogs, podcasts and other assets that have a lifetime value that can last for years. Because your content is built on the fundamentals of your values, mission and message, the content does not go out of date and stays relevant to your target audience whether they are a new visitor or returning fan. This means once you create this core content your costs to share it and spread the message go down the longer the content is showcased online. 

Data and ROI

The study shared by Oracle is based on data and interviews with 50 businesses in the tech, consumer goods, retail/eCommerce, financial, manufacturing and services industries ranging in value from the millions into the billions.  You can find the full study here

The big takeaways were that while the companies made substantial investments at the beginning to create their core content assets, the value of the content continued to grow over time by attracting more traffic at lower and lower costs. 

See charts below:

You can see here that the costs per lead for both the larger and mid-sized companies dropped significantly after only a few months. 

Data results

And over time, with their core content assets living in various locations on online, their traffic continued to increase. The businesses that had the capacity to invest greater resources saw the strongest results.

And looking 3 years down the road, the Life Time Value of core content compared to promotional or time sensitive content is fully realized. Once you’ve developed it, it’s yours for life and you’re not forced into a position of “renting the publishing space” in order for your audience to experience it and new consumers to find it.

Ownership benefits

As a blog sits on your site and continues to get traffic and link clicks, it’s ranking on Google will increase pushing your post closer to the first page of results as Google deems it more valuable. 

The same is true with YouTube content. As your videos are watched, clicked on and shared YouTube sees that engagement and boosts your content as suggestions when viewers are looking for similar content thus increasing views and improving the process. 

With content built to stand the test of time you can see how two or three years in would have a big impact on how many people not only see your content, but get exposed to your mission, message and action steps. 

Great for PR

We’ve begun to capitalize on this as a company, by offering a PR upgrade to our content packages. Feel free to ask about it if you’re interested. We believe there is enormous benefit to highlighting your curated content and message in guest blogs, in podcast interviews, or local television networks driving traffic back to where your content is hosted. This extra effort quickly amplifies the reach of the content you’ve created and can draw the attention of your ideal consumers. There is enormous opportunity to share targeted talking points echoed in your content with a number of media outlets and organizations that already attract the kind of motivated people your organization wants to connect with.

Case Study Number 1

Now let’s take a brief look at two cases where the content we created for clients achieved great results. 

Firstly, a New York headshot photographer came to us looking to expand his reach to actors. We took videos that he had already created and repurposed them to work for Facebook advertisements as well as improve their ability to be shared across multiple platforms. In less than 30 days, with no more than 6 videos his Facebook page increased it’s video views by over 19,000%. 


He had already been making video content, but there was no push or repurposing of any of that content. In other words, viewers may see it once, and never again, thus losing the impact of his information and message. 

This is similar to what we offer in our Repurposing Engine – the ability to take content you’ve already created and repurpose it to be delivered best across multiple channels and over an extended timeline. It multiplies the impact over and over by reaching your audience on the platforms they love, in a digestible format and in a fresh package again and again. This is an extraordinary way to attract the right clientele because you’ve given them multiple opportunities to get to know you and your business in a way that feels organic, authentic, and engaged. Ask about our Repurposing Engine if this sounds interesting to you.

Case Study Number 2

Next, let’s look at another client. One that does most of their business through live events.

A California based business that sells coaching services to actors and influencers hired us to help them create multiple pieces of content from one of their main events in Los Angeles. 

Over the course of this 3 day event our teams captured over 30 hours of content from interviews, to Q&A sessions, to keynote speakers, to testimonials. Proper planning, scheduling, and extreme attention to detail made this possible and gave the client over 100 pieces of content that they still use. From short clips with subtitles for social media, to full 3 min testimonials on their websites and YouTube, to quotes and posts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook we not only captured the monumental moments that highlighted their core values, mission and message, we were even able to give the owner a speaker reel allowing her to land an agent that will get her speaking gigs around the country.

One event turned into a years worth of content and specifically content that is built to be sustainable. 

Here is an example of one of 12 testimonials we captured during one day of the event.


And here is an example of the speaking reel we put together from footage of the event.

Speaker reel

(A speaking reel like this could easily accompany the submissions and pitches we put out in our PR upgrade.) 

Hire In House or Outside?

Lastly I want to leave you with a chart form the study Oracle shared that shows the costs associated with maintaining an in-house content marketing team. 

In house marketing team or hire out

While the costs to vary between midsize and large sized organizations, you can clearly see the 

monthly costs are significant. This may be practical for some organizations and devoting efforts to maintaining a strong presence with content marketing are beneficial, with 80% of internet traffic in 2019 being video (Cisco), 60 million households already listening to podcasts (Neilson), and content marketing getting 3x the leads per dollar spent over paid search (Oracle). But Much More Media creates a suite of content for our clients at a fraction of the cost. 

It would be a pleasure to do the same for your business and elevate the brand, mission and organization you’ve already brilliantly launched. Please share this information with your partners, colleagues or friends and connect with us at Much More Media when you’re ready to share your brand and business in a powerful way with the world. 

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