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In a surprising bit of tech news meets business news meets motorcycle fan clubs,  Business Insider reports that Harley-Davidson will now be making electric motorcycles!

That’s right! Harley-Davidson, the King of Road when it came to motorcycles for well over 100 years and a name synonymous with loud gas exhaust and devil-may-care riders rolling on their Hogs from sea to shining sea, has just decided to change direction… 

They announced at the 2019 X Games in Colorado that they will now be making electric motorcycles and unveiled their latest concepts.  

Harley Davidson new concepts

But why? 

Why is Harley-Davidson making what seems like such a bold move? Why are they making fundamental changes to their business and who they cater to? Why are they not sitting on the sidelines saying “This is how we’ve always done things. This is who we are. People will still demand blah…blah…blah…”

(Can you think of a few industries who think that way? Is yours one of them? ?)

The reason is that they have a problem. Well, a few really. 

Their data shows:

⓵ Sales of their gas powered, chrome-ladened, gut-rattling “iron steeds” have declined for the last 4 straight years. 

⓶ Countries in Asia and Europe are demanding more electric vehicles.

⓷ Young city dwellers are looking for alternative modes of transport.

The chart below shows additional considerations taken from their 2018 investor communication.

Harley Davidson information


So Harley-Davidson is adapting despite many (and probably very loud) naysayers or never die HOG fans and even some execs because the business’ leaders as a whole see that this shift is what will keep the brand alive for the next 100 years.

What Does This Have to do with Content Strategy for Business?

This same transition to a changing market is taking place across all businesses and at an ever increasing rate!  And just like Harley-Davidson, those who plan and make the proper adjustments will survive, but those who don’t are doomed.

Blockbuster Video

When challenged by Netflix They said that their customers “preferred…”

Does your field or industry have a lot of naysayers when it comes to shifting the visibility model from “traditional” marketing to data driven, modern, easier, and cheaper Content Marketing? 

Have you heard the talk in meetings or at conferences about changing consumer buying patterns and the power of Social Media Marketing but you’re not exactly sure what that means?

Are you struggling to find an audience that opens your emails, visits your website, or comes in the door without feeling like you have to slam out flyers, posters, street teams, or, God-forbid, billboards that seem to be missing the mark?

You may need to pop an electric wheelie and ride on out of there! ?


Or at the very least check out Much More Media to learn for FREE how to massively boost your visibility. Our specialty is to take a business ready for the next step seamlessly and effectively to a level where their consistent content is automatically building a growing audience of adoring fans that know, like, and trust you on every platform. And when they’re ready to pull out their wallets and pay, your brand and business is the ONLY choice because you’ve endeared them with a curated, powerful, and motivating message without being beholden to a digital advertising agency. 

So imagine,

Instead of being stuck with these “traditional” marketing outlets of hoping someone saw your mailer or bus stop ad…. 

Instead of putting up a Facebook page because you were told you need one but the last post was 3 months ago…

Instead of having no way of tracking who came to your website, how much of your video they watched, what buttons they clicked, 


Instead of thinking you’ve got digital marketing handled by BOOSTING your latest Facebook post because it’s “performing better than similar posts…” 

You should follow Harley-Davidson’s lead and make the bold choice of going where the future is, going where your audience’s attention is, and, frankly, going where the money is. 

That means a strong content strategy built to deliver your message to a targeted audience of ideal clients who you can be in front of consistently for little to no investment constantly inviting them to know, like, and trust you and your beautiful business. 

You Know I’m Right (or I Think We Agree) 

The reliable source of traffic and leads from your evergreen content will give you the flexibility to experiment with other marketing tactics to generate revenue, such as sponsored content, social media advertising, and distributed content. Plus, your content will not only help attract leads — it will also help educate your target prospects and generate awareness for your brand.


If you’ve spent any time online you’ve undoubtedly seen the numbers. Report after report keeps showing the online trends that keep attracting more and more attention and proving that attention is turning into buyer’s dollars. 

Video Marketing:

Video marketing

Social Media:

social media

And here is a great write up in Forbes about how consumers are engaging with business who can leverage this new way of messaging. 


To take on any one of these platforms or strategies would absolutely be an improvement. But the real magic, the real world shaking truth here is that you have the power to do them all while 

*still running your business 

*not being stuck in front of a computer every day pounding out blog posts 

*not spending a fortune with some agency every month that’s “running your ads for you” and   

  promising more traffic. 

You are building your brand and connecting with your audience with a content strategy that uses the right platforms with the right message delivered to the right people at the right time! 

And we help make it easy because easy means it is clear, every team member can understand it, tasks can be automated, data is translated, scheduling is done well in advance, and you end up with a structure that you control, understand and can scale at anytime without needing to hire us again. 

That’s right. We are setting you up so that you are fully prepared for this transition, you know exactly what content works for you and your audience, you have a process that you can plug any team member into, and a system that will scale up with you as you build your audience and grow your business.  

So if Harley-Davidson can have the bold vision to suck it up and take steps to move from their “traditional” position in the marketplace to one that grows with the needs, demands, and desires of a new and dynamic customer, then you can too. 

There may be some turns ahead, but there’s still miles and miles of road to ride. 

See ya on the open road!

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