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  1. Keep it short.

With so many opportunities to watch videos online these days you’ll need to keep your videos short to hold a viewer’s attention. Most viewers will die off after the first 3-10 seconds so make sure you start out with a bang! Titles, a direct statement about what they will watch, or the most exciting part should be right up top. If they are new to your brand or business then this will grab their attention. If they are already familiar with your brand or business then this will convince them to pay attention to this particular content.

Some videos can be as short as a GIF of just 3-5 seconds or up to a minute of content. Usually 30 – 60 seconds is best as this allows you to share and advertise this video on Facebook and Instagram! (Webinars break this rule and can be as long as you like. People seem to be willing to sit through a webinar if they feel like they are learning something or will get some freebie out of the experience.)

2. Keep it clear.

This is what will let you keep your videos short and snappy. Have one thing to share with your audience in the video. Tell them about an offer, share the dates of your event, reveal your newest product, introduce a new member of your team, remind them about your email list, or even showcase your current workspace. You can create as many videos as you like and spread out a more complex message over time, but if you try to cram three or four points into one video you’ll lose the majority of your audience by the 50% mark. 

Keeping it clear also means they need to see and hear you. Bright lighting and good, clean sound can really help. Avoid dimly lit rooms or loud spaces. Take the shades of your lamps and use a lapel mic plugged into your phone if you have to. It doesn’t matter what you have to say if no one can watch or understand you. 

3. Use what you’ve got.

Chances are you (or people on your team) have captured video about what you do already. Maybe you have a few Facebook Lives from your grand opening or a trailer you paid for to run on your website. You can edit any of this pre-existing content down into short snippets to accentuate your message, grab attention for your ads, or highlight your latest accomplishments in an email. There are so many options when it comes to “repurposing” your content!

4. Share it everywhere.

Now the best part, sharing your stuff! You’ve got amazing content and now you can share it everywhere with ease. Post it to your Facebook page, create a GIF with tags about your event on Instagram or Twitter, start a YouTube channel documenting how you build your furniture or produce a show, hold a free webinar with dynamic videos that inspire people to sign up for your course, or run a Facebook ad on the cheap targeted to the most likely people who will share your latest product. The possibilities just keep expanding with te growing power and presence of social media and online visibility. 

Don’t let your fear of “not knowing how to make a viral video” or “will anyone actually want to watch this” hold you back. You started you brand with passion and commitment. That’s why people love you and your business and that is what will get people engaged with your content.  Your audience is always online and unlike any other time in history you have the opportunity to communicate with them all day, every day and keep that love alive.



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