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I’ve spoken before about the power of putting up video content on Facebook and other platforms. You can find that article here. Facebook loves video content and has made it easier than ever to get your message out there with Live broadcasts, low cost video ads, and even letting you advertise inside other videos with their In Stream ads. There is no better time than now to bring your business online, or if you’re already there, double down on your commitment and exploit the insanely cheap advertising costs and incredibly powerful analytics.

And as of August 09, 2017 it just got even better!

Mark Zuckerberg just announced Facebook Watch. This is the platform’s first big step into the landscape dominated by traditional network and cable television. Streaming has been popular for a while with platforms like Netflix continuing to crush the competition. What many of these streaming sites lacked was the live broadcast factor that made things like news and sports the primary money makers for traditional broadcasters. Guess what? Facebook has cracked the live code. Their massive campaign to get users used to and excited about Facebook Live and their efforts to push Live notifications to the tops of user feeds has created a culture that is accustomed to viewing and broadcasting live content through their platform.

Clearly Facebook is not stopping with just the ability to watch live sports, news or your friends’ videos. They are actively producing original content. Reality shows, talk shows, how to shows, and narrative story telling are all coming to the Watch platform, and we can be sure the “media producers” (yes, we can say that about a social media network now ? ) are looking for more shows to pad their line up.

Your brand’s message could be the next WATCH show!

This is where the game has REALLY changed! Not only is it easier than ever to build a massive audience for free using Facebook posts and groups (if you want a killer group hack message me on Linked In ?), you can reach exactly the right audience for your business through Facebook advertising for far less money than traditional advertising. And now you can create your own TV show to get your message out there in a professional way for WAAAAAAYYYY cheaper than creating a traditional TV show and reach the same audience!

Is that clear? The same (or bigger) audience as Network or Cable for less money!

That sounds like a massive opportunity for any business! Are you an attorney? You can create ads and even a show sharing your legal advice or case studies. Run a wine store? Create a show sharing wine information, tasting tips, and even explore the behind the scenes of the wine trade. You can turn any of that content into an ad for your store. Running a restaurant? Now you can have a show once a week about the behind the scenes excitement of getting dishes out on time, serving happy customers, and finding the best ingredients. We already know these shows are popular. Do you make furniture, do remodeling, or fix up cars? A show following your current project can be made with minimal investment and, again, any of this content can be turned into an ad for your products or services. Again, if you want tips on creating quality content with minimal resources read my article 3 Secrets to Marketing Your Business.

This is the future of content reaching people over the internet.

1) You create content specific to your audience.

2) You don’t have to pay the massive prices traditional tv markets asked for because you can craft your show to reach exactly your right customers and not waste money advertising to people who are not interested in what you do.

60+ years of giant companies (some of which don’t even work in entertainment – just look at what media GE owns) holding these massive audiences behind closed doors with practically zero data on who watches what, when, why, and how is coming swiftly to a close. Your ability as a business to find out exactly what your customers want, when they want it, and how to best deliver it to them while spending pennies on the dollar to do it is a galactic shift in how business gets done! This is the beginning of the future and taking advantage of this window of opportunity to make massive returns on investment for your business before the titans are able to slowly turn their enormous operations (and budgets) towards this market will set you up for success for years to come.

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