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There are 3 pieces of core content that you can create to kickstart your creation process. Get started today with our free masterclass.

Your Problem: You don’t have the time to make the content you need to reach your audience, grow your business, and establish your digital presence.

But you need to do it…


of all consumer internet traffic in 2019 will be internet video traffic.


of all homes listen to podcasts. That’s 60 million homes!

the number of leads content marketing gets per dollar than paid search.


increased conversions for Including a video on a landing page.

Your Solution: Custom Content Done for You

Much More Media provides video and audio solutions that build core assets elevating brands into the front of the minds of their audience and customers day after day.

Instead of creating small, one off videos that only make sense for the lifetime of an offer, we focus on building a foundation of content aligned with the topics and questions your customers already have.

We create multiple opportunities to engage your online community by repurposing each asset into value packed, smaller content perfect for social media reaching everyone and establishing you and your business as their best solution.

Along with creating your core content, we repurpose that content into multiple pieces of valuable and shareable content that give clips, images, blogs and social media posts vastly extending your message into the feeds, inboxes and every day lives of your audience.

Free Masterclass

Want something for nothing?

In less than 20 minutes, Michael Moreno, Co-founder of Much More Media, breaks down the 3 core pieces of content you need to get started with content creation for your business.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Software and data giant Oracle recently shared a study highlighting the overwhelming value of content marketing.

We cover this and more interesting stats in the masterclass. 

Our Services

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Video Packages

Podcast Packages

PR Packages

Video Packages

Build your suite of core content fast!
Pro filmmakers + Your Biz = Amazing Results

Podcast Packages

Podcast like a pro in no time. Just show up and be great.

PR Packages

Add public relations to any of our packages for an additional fee.
*Not available as a standalone service.

The Empire Package

*Years* worth of content. YEARS!

What our clients are saying

“Mike helped me create an awesome video to promote my business and got my social media churning. He is passionate and creative and you’ll love working with him!”

F. Neal

Owner, Business Type: Outdoor Experiences

“[Much More Media] has fantastic ideas for your business!”

L. Hart

Owner, Business Type: Health & Wellness

“Can’t say enough good things about MMM! They are professional, intelligent, and up to speed on all the latest advertising trends. You need help… they are there for you!”

T. Losee

Owner, Business Type: E-Commerce

Wait, you already have content?!?

Turn on our Repurpose Engine!

We’ll take all or chunks of your current content and repurpose it for you into multiple tweets, posts, images, videos, emails or blog posts greatly extending the reach and impact of the content you already have. The digital assets you’ve created have a powerful message that just needs to be delivered in a fresh and engaging way across all your platforms to have the actual impact you desire.

“Michael’s experience was integral in putting together a clear and concise video out of the footage I gave him. I would highly recommend using his services to anyone and will use his business again. Thank you Michael for producing a great product that I can be proud of!”

K. Leavitt

Owner, Business Type: Beauty & Online Courses

Who We Are and Why We Do This

Mike & CristinMuch More Media was founded in 2015 by Michael Moreno and Cristin Downs with the goal to bring their 20+ years of creative and professional entertainment expertise to the world of business to tell better stories and amplify how businesses communicate their ability to positively impact people’s lives and improve the world. For years we’ve seen the power focused, positive storytelling can have, and now we create those opportunities for the business community in a day an age when authentic, impactful communication is necessary.

The more we can improve the relationships between consumers and businesses the more we can positively impact millions of lives. Our efforts have already begun. Not only do we work with business looking to make an impact, we give back a percentage of our profits to causes we believe benefit humanity and provide opportunity. 

Currently we are sponsoring families and business owners in Vietnam, Armenia, and Central America with the funds they need to build and improve their lives and business. Even these small efforts lead to elevating and inspiring communities.

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