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BEWARE! You’re about to massively upgrade your content creation and actually have free time again.

Take one live video and turn it into 30 stellar pieces of content that ignite your audience and leave your to-do list done and dusted.

You’ll get 5 days of emails with strategy and instructions on how to turn 1 live video into more than 30 pieces of content.

You’ll get a 12-page workbook to help you plan out your live and your content.

You’ll get our content repurposing toolkit, which will show you what tools (many free!) we use to help with all the repurposing. 

Why continue to spend hours in front of your computer trying desperately to come up with a new blog post, a new video, a new quote for your Instagram feed, blah…blah…blah.


STOP IT! You have a business to run!


Yes, you need to provide valuable content across your platforms that engages your audience and entices buyers, but you’re the captain of the ship! Your vision is what drives all decisions and you can’t waste your time in the weeds trying to pump out consistent posts.

Instead…use the authority you have and the expertise you provide to create ONE, yes ONE, piece of value-packed content in 15 mins and then use it to give you a month’s worth of ideal content your audience will love. How’s that for uber efficient time management? (Way to go, boss!)

This Free 5 Day Email Course will teach you the same process Super Content Pros (Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield) use to consistently grab the eyeballs of their followers while having the time to scale their business.


 The course includes:

Create your power packed core content (even if you hate being on camera or get all sweaty when you hear the word “blog”).

Chop it up into entertaining, bite-size chunks jammed with value perfect for sharing, saving, and starting conversation.

Automatically deliver 30 pieces of content across all your channels guaranteeing you massive reach with posts that aren’t stale and funky.

Plus dissect the results to see exactly which pieces have totally fired up your followers and performed like gangbusters [what an easy way to test, huh?] so that every single piece of content you create gets better and better!

Ok, boss! Hit that button!

What are you going to do with all that free time?

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Meet your favorite multitaskers.


We’re the husband and wife team behind Much More Media!
Meet Michael

Hey, Michael here, great to meet you.

I’m a creator and strategist with a love for great stories, technology, and content marketing. My wife can attest that I am part of the 15% that watch video content with the sound on, thank you very much. I’ve been a storyteller since I was a tiny human when I first started work as an actor, and I even did stand up comedy at some of the best LA comedy clubs *as a preteen.*

Now, you can find me here helping business owners tell their stories through great content, guided by the right strategy for them.

My first foray in the online space was building The Actor CEO Podcast, where I teach actors how to treat their acting careers like a business – often using content marketing – where I’ve got 100K+ downloads.

Some other highlights:

  • I’ve got #allthecertifications for content marketing and digital marketing from Hubspot and Google.
  • My Masters of Fine Arts is in Acting, and I have extensive training in camera technique, voicework, and movement.
  • I’m a featured contributor in my niche with Backstage and Stage Milk.
  • My first stage work was in stand up comedy, and my sense of timing is perfection.
  • Since living in New York City, I’ve been working live events here like Fashion Week, Saks Fifth Avenue’s beautiful holiday light show, and AOL’s streaming service launch. [Don’t know it? It didn’t last long.]
  • I co-created and co-produced my own web series on actors working as carpenters in NYC. The premise was based on a ballet in the DMV… and yes, it was based on real life.
  • When not working on Much More Media with Cristin or on The Actor CEO Podcast, I am playing my PlayStation [Cyberpunk 2077 right now], watching a documentary and then quizzing my wife with “Did you know’s,” or cooking up something delicious in the kitchen. I show love through food.
Meet Cristin

Hello, hello! I’m Cristin, and I am so happy you’re here!

I’m a producer, creative, and tactician who brings “theatrical thinking” to the work I do through collaboration, storytelling, and “get-er-done-ness.” I worked over a decade in the professional theatre as a manager and producer, and like most theatre professionals, I’ve worked everywhere else too.

Nowadays, you can find me here on the systems and public relations side of smart content strategy, partnering with my husband Mike.

My first foray in the online space was building my podcast The Notable Woman, a platform to celebrate all the ways women are changing the world, with a following of 20K+ and was highlighted on NPR’s The Big Listen.

Some other highlights:

  •  I ran a continuing education department’s marketing efforts so I’m intimately familiar with content marketing for courses (as well as the ins and outs of working with adult learners and gamification).
  • My bachelors in theatre focused on technical theatre and design so I’ve got extensive training in principles of visual organization and color theory.
  • My second bachelors is in psychology, and my thesis focused on industrial / organizational psychology so I’m well equipped to handle the ways your content systems interact with and are implemented by your team.
  • With over 40 jobs under my belt, I’ve got an infinite amount of systems experience across a wide array of industries, including health, entertainment, physical products, insurance, and more.
  • I’ve managed live events across the country from itty bitty to multi-million dollar extravaganzas for places as diverse as Riverside Church and the Crystal Cathedral to Disneyland Resorts.
  • When not working on Much More Media with Mike or on The Notable Woman, I am reading books (mostly mysteries, YA, or non-fiction), walking NY’s parks, or eating #allthepizza.

Our 5-day email course is for business owners that feel like they spend all their time creating content without seeing any results. Our mission at Much More Media is for business owners to use content to market their business, not to just make content for content’s sake. We believe story has the power to move hearts and minds, and that businesses can use their stories to do the important work their businesses are in the world to do.

Can’t wait to see you inside our 5-day email course!

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